On Saturday morning, October 22, Gospel for Asia native missionary and film team leader Paul left this earth to be with the Savior he loved and had so faithfully served.

Paul had suffered from a severe headache earlier that week. A doctor’s examination revealed he had contracted malaria. Because the disease had already affected his brain, Paul died within a few days. He was only in his 20s.

Paul graduated from a Gospel for Asia Bible college in 2004. At the time of his death, he led an outreach team for film ministry and had played a significant part in leading at least 24 people to Christ. He had also started discipling a new believer and training him for ministry.

Please pray that the work God started through Paul in this North Indian village will continue to thrive and even penetrate surrounding areas. Pray for those he left behind—his outreach team and the new believer he was pouring his life into. And please pray for God’s special comfort for his family and friends as they grieve his loss. May their hearts find rest in knowing that today Paul experiences the joys of worshipping his dear Savior in heaven.