Gospel for Asia Bible college student Pyntngen Thaba died May 12 while serving his field internship in Meghalaya, India. The reported cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Pyntngen was born into a Christian family in India. He was the fifth son of eight children. His funeral services and burial were conducted in his home village.

Pyntngen was remembered by his classmates at the GFA boy’s Bible college as a student who was brilliant in the classroom and who had a strong vision for his mission. Even though Pyntngen was only on the field for a short time, he was able to make a lasting impact. He devoted long hours and walked many miles to talk to people about Jesus. Thanks to his strong witness, Pyntngen was able to plant a church during his brief months on the field.

The day before his death, Pyntngen was reported to have walked three kilometers to his home village, where he visited four families. During those visits, he shared the Gospel and prayed for the sick. He then went to visit his mother and stayed up late into the night talking with her. Pyntngen died that night in his sleep.

Pyntngen’s leaders in Meghalaya ask that you pray for his family and for the people in the small church he started during their time of grief.

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