Pastor Than, a Gospel for Asia state leader in Myanmar (Burma), his wife, Mya, and their daughter Nui recently survived a horrific river accident that took the life of a Baptist missionary.

The four Christians were en route to a mission area when the boat in which they were traveling was buffeted by strong waves caused by high winds. As the turbulence increased, the boy hired to crew the boat panicked, jumped into the river and swam to shore.

Pastor Than, who did not know how to handle a boat, grabbed the paddle and tried to row, but the storm was too strong. The boat overturned and everyone was thrown into the swirling waters. The pastor, his wife and daughter were rescued by people on another boat, but the female Baptist missionary drowned.

Pastor Than’s wife and daughter were hospitalized and are recovering from taking in the salty river delta water.

GFA leaders are asking for prayer for the family of the deceased Baptist missionary and for Pastor Than’s wife and daughter, who is in her six-month field ministry at a GFA Bible college.