Hearing firsthand from Gospel for Asia missionaries from the field, conference attendees were able to get a taste of what it is like to serve in Asia.

We were both incredibly blessed to be at RYP, I have a new fire burning for the kingdom and for the lost as well as a renewed passion to encourage and disciple the believers that I have influence with in my own life,” said Brent Durst, who attended Gospel for Asia’s Renewing Your Passion Conference in Dallas. The event was July 11-13.

Comments like Durst’s echo from all areas of the world as people who attended the conference share how their lives were transformed.

More than 1000 people gathered at the Hilton Anatole hotel to hear GFA missionaries and leaders share about God’s incredible work in Asia. Many are saying that not only has their passion for the lost been increased, but their passion for the Savior has deepened as well.

GFA Founder and President K.P. Yohannan kicked off the weekend with a challenging call to follow in Christ’s steps and become less self-centered.

The Lord is calling us to come up, walk away and see things from His perspective, and respond to it and live the way He wants you to live!” Yohannan explained.

Six missionaries from the field shared inspiring messages of how their nations are being changed for Christ. Narayan Sharma, Gospel for Asia’s Nepal country leader, told how 50 years ago, Nepal was the world’s only official Hindu kingdom and its king was considered to be a god. But now, Gospel programs are aired over the same government-owned radio stations that used to carry reports of Christians being arrested.

The Bible says that after the night, joy comes in the morning, and morning has come to Nepal!’ Sharma told the enthusiastic crowd.

The praise from Nepal was contrasted with reports from a missionary from Myanmar (Burma), whose name must remain anonymous for security purposes. Fresh from participating in disaster relief work in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, he shared the sobering reality of thousands of people dying in the wake of the devastating storm.

Once my country was known as the paradise of South Asia. But today it is full of problems and suffering,” he said.

But the crowd was not left hopeless as the missionaries joyfully shared how through the relief work, many have seen the love of Jesus in tangible ways.

In the midst of suffering, poverty and difficulty, the Lord is doing great things in Myanmar. Missionaries are bringing the Good News, and because of their faithfulness, there are 482 of our churches in Myanmar,” he said.

Christian author Gayle Erwin also spoke bringing deep spiritual insights into the life of Christ through humor.

In addition to the worship, teaching and mission reports, Renewing Your Passion conferees participated in a six-hour, late-night prayer session that ran until 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

Conference attendees got a small taste of what life is like for GFA’s native missionaries through video presentations and a mission field museum, featuring items used over the years by the missionaries. Crowds at the conference also enjoyed seeing a mock up of an Indian church and a Jesus Well in the foyer of the hotel.

This was GFA’s third Renewing Your Passion Conference. DVDs of conference sessions are available by calling GFA at 1-800-WIN-ASIA.

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Conference attendees had the opportunity to lift up mission field prayer requests during the late-night prayer session on Saturday.

During mealtimes, conference attendees were able to connect with each other and GFA staff members through joyful fellowship.

Gospel for Asia Founder and President K.P. Yohannan shared two heartfelt, challenging messages that called attendees to draw closer to Christ.

Hearing firsthand from Gospel for Asia missionaries from the field, conference attendees were able to get a taste of what it is like to serve in Asia.

A replica of an Asian church that stood in the hotel foyer “took people to the field” as they heard a recording of Asian believers worshipping Jesus coming from the building.