Picture yourself as a woman in South India. Because someone reached your village with the Good News of Jesus and the price He paid for your salvation, you are no longer in bondage to the angry, unforgiving deities your neighbors bring sacrifices to. You have been set free; now you know the living God and the joy of His presence.

Your husband, an alcoholic, doesn’t know this Jesus yet. And he has stopped you from attending church to worship Him.

Prasela found herself in this predicament. Oh, how she longed to go to church and fellowship with other believers!

One day the unbelievable happened when her husband, Harun, agreed to accompany her to a prayer meeting led by Anil, a Gospel for Asia Bible college student. As Harun listened to the Gospel that day, the Holy Spirit convicted him of his need for salvation. He surrendered his heart to Jesus and experienced complete deliverance from his alcohol addiction.

Pray for Harun to continually grow in the faith he now shares with his wife. Give praise to the Father for two lives that have been set free by the precious blood of Jesus.