“Pastor Vashal and his family serve in Andhra Pradesh. His fervent prayers resulted in Kirtin’s healing.
Kirtin worshipped many gods. Although his wife, Lalima, was a strong Christian who regularly attended worship with their children at a local church in Andhra Pradesh, Kirtin would not receive Christ into his life.

One day, Kirtin became sick, and gradually his illness worsened. He went to many doctors for help, but no one could cure his symptoms. Finally, the doctors diagnosed Kirtin with tuberculosis and told him they could not effectively treat his sickness.

Lalima told her pastor, Vishal Paran, about her husband’s illness and asked him to come and pray for Kirtin each day. Kirtin allowed Pastor Vishal to pray for him, but was reluctant because he was still very devout in his own religion. Pastor Vishal came daily, and he fervently prayed for Kirtin’s healing and shared the Gospel with him often.

Finally, one morning, the Lord revealed to Pastor Vishal that Kirtin had been healed. Pastor Vishal rushed to Kirtin’s home and took him for a medical check-up. When the doctors examined Kirtin, they found no trace of the tuberculosis.

Kirtin immediately knew that it was Jesus who completely healed him from the illness. He prayed for Jesus to come into his life that very day. Pray that Kirtin and his family will continue to grow in the Lord.

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