In a tribal district of Rajasthan, India, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams provided emergency aid for 250 needy families last November, which is leading to long-term ministry opportunities in the area.

When the desert state eventually succumbed to the floods covering much of India during last year’s monsoon rains, a GFA team gathered together relief materials and traveled to the most flood-affected districts of the state. They surveyed six villages and, with the help of the village elders, identified the families who needed the materials.

They then started the distribution of 140 coats, 500 blankets and 250 mosquito nets to people from over nine tribal groups, who received them with much gratitude. The team also found a school where the children had lost all their supplies, and they provided 110 of the children with textbooks, notebooks, mats to sit on and other basic supplies. “It was a wonderful experience for them to see the children receiving the materials with great joy,” wrote our correspondent.

After the distribution, the Compassion Services team stayed in the area and listened to many painful stories of loss and despair. Through their demonstration of love, the team members gained the trust of the villagers and were able to share the hope of Christ. “Whenever they found opportunities, they shared with the people about the reason they wanted to help them,” our correspondent wrote.

As follow-up, the GFA leaders are sending two teams of students from a nearby GFA Bible college to do six months of outreach in that area. Please pray that these teams will be able to establish a permanent mission station here, and that many of the villagers will come to Christ.