After graduating from Bible college, Chintak began sharing the hope he found by showing a film on Christ’s life to crowds a lot like this one.

I thank God for providing for my needs and protecting me from all possible hazards,” shares Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Chintak Pillai.

The Lord’s provision helped draw Chintak to Christ, and now he’s able to share the hope he’s found with others.

Chintak remembers following the rituals and traditions of his family’s non-Christian religion from his childhood. He also remembers the tough road his family began to travel more than 10 years ago. They didn’t know how they would ever make it. Then, at just the right time, the Lord sent a Christian pastor to offer them hope.

Chintak remembers the tough road his family began to travel more than 10 years ago. They didn’t know how they would ever make it.

Chintak’s father and older brother were both accused of crimes they did not commit, and police arrested them. The older brother was accused of rape, and their father was accused in a dispute involving land rights.

This sad predicament left the family depressed. They went to many people for help, but none came forth. One problem led to another: Chintak’s mother worried so much about her family’s plight that she became ill. The family’s efforts to fight the cases against them depleted their meager financial resources. Things became so desperate that they had no money even to buy food.

Then the Lord sent a Christian pastor to them. Asking about their situation, this man listened sympathetically and prayed for them. He began to visit them often and continued to pray for them, assuring them that if they put their trust in Jesus, He would bring about a solution.

One Sunday, the pastor took Chintak’s family to church and prayed for them for two hours. The family was so touched by his kindness that they told the pastor that if their problems were resolved, they would give him a sheep as a token of their love. After a number of months, their situation began to greatly improve, and they gave him the sheep as promised.

They later started coming to the church regularly for worship. As time went on, Chintak began to study God’s Word with increased earnest and placed his trust in Christ. A year later, he enrolled in Bible college to study God’s Word.

The year 2005 was special both for Chintak and his family. His brother was acquitted of the charges against him in November, and it was also the year Chintak graduated Bible college and joined GFA’s film ministry. Then, in April 2006, Chintak’s father was finally acquitted in the land case and the family’s rightful land was returned to them. But more exciting to Chintak is the fruit he is seeing in his ministry. This is seen in the lives of people like Sujin …

Sujin was addicted to alcohol and abused his wife, and there was no peace in his home. When he watched the film about Jesus’ sacrifice for him, he was deeply touched by God’s love. That night, he confessed his sin and placed his trust in Jesus.

Today Chintak is pastor of a church. In his congregation there are 35 believers who eagerly participate in the ministries of the church. Like Chintak, they have experienced God’s hope.

Chintak’s family has received Christ, too. Please pray for their growth in Him—and for an open door into a village Chintak yearns to reach with the message of His redeeming love.