After prayer changed his own life, Sabal began praying for his neighbors, too.

A prayer tower stands tall in Sabal's field, reminding him of who he used to be and the grace that changed him. Now a church leader, it wasn't long ago that Sabal was a drunk and a debtor, with the structure of his life crumbling before his eyes.

Sabal was a businessman who always had new ideas for success, but his drinking problem ensured that they all failed. With each new endeavor he borrowed more money from his friends to get the business running, and he soon found himself bankrupt.

He gave his life to the God who had saved him from ruin . . .

Sabal never panicked. Like any good businessman, he had a back-up plan to pay off his debts and, perhaps, start another business. This time it was a farming venture. His crop was small, but he was certain the high-demand plant would give him a large return come harvest time. All he had to do was wait.

Before long, though, the crop was attacked by pests. This time Sabal was out of ideas. As he watched the leaves of the thriving plants turn yellow, Sabal began to lose hope. Pastor Jaideep, a Gospel for Asia–supported missionary, arrived in the village just in time.

Sabal asked the pastor to pray for the dying plants, and within a few days, God healed them. The leaves became healthy and green, and Sabal was able to pay back all his debts. He gave his life to the God who had saved him from ruin, and built a tower in his field where he prayed for hours.

When they found out what changed Sabal so dramatically, others in the village decided to follow Jesus also.

The change in him was impossible to ignore, and his friends and neighbors became jealous when they saw the great blessings taking place in his life. As Sabal prayed for his neighbors, many of them chose to receive Christ, too.

One day, Sabal invited Jaideep to a prayer meeting with three other pastors, and 50 believers came. When a group of religious fanatics heard praises to the Lord coming from Sabal's house, they tried to disrupt the meeting by throwing sand, stones and clay at the believers. One even grabbed Sabal's neck and threatened to kill him, but the believers ignored the commotion and continued to pray.

After an hour, the fanatics realized they weren't having any effect, and they left. The Christians thanked God for His favor and mercy. They knew God had protected them, just like He protected Sabal's plants.

Please pray for the continued protection of the believers in Sabal's village, and that the fanatics, along with the rest of the village, will come to know the Lord soon.

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