The villagers Girilal worked among depend on farming for a living.

Daunting circumstances did nothing to discourage Girilal.

In 2002, he had just graduated from a Gospel for Asia Bible college and arrived on his mission field not far from where he grew up. There were no other Christians in this village deep in the forests of Chhattisgarh, India. There were less than 20 houses in the village. There was no school, so the people were illiterate. It was hard for the villagers to comprehend Girilal’s message about the one true God since they had grown up worshipping nature. But Girilal had grown up with the same religion, and he knew God would open their hearts just as He had done when an evangelist visited Girilal’s village and he received Christ.

Ever eager for ways to draw interest, Girilal had an idea. He built a hut in the middle of the village and started holding worship services, even though no one came. The people could hear the Christian music he was playing in their language. Soon, people began coming to the service out of curiosity.

As the Gospel message penetrated their hearts, Girilal praised God as more and more people received salvation. Today, 35 believers worship in that small hut—which is now too small to hold them all.

Earlier this year, the believers decided to gather supplies and work together to build a larger church building for their congregation. Instead of the small hut, they will soon have a larger place to praise the God who saved them.

Girilal’s congregation needs a larger, more permanent church building.

Girilal asks for prayer for his ministry in this village and the surrounding areas, that many more people will receive Christ.

It is the dream of each congregation in Asia to have their own church building.

Girilal’s remote village is in Chhattisgarh, India.