An 18-year-old Dalit girl was raped last month—and her family dared to go to authorities. Their courage would cost them dearly. Just nine days after they informed police of the incident, upper-caste villagers strangled and killed their beloved daughter and sister, dumping her body in a field. Before that fateful day, a family member says, they had received threats, according to the news site

Imagine your family suffering such mistreatment and grief—simply for speaking up and seeking justice. For Dalit families such as this one in North India, there is no need to imagine. Though these Untouchables of India are abused and treated as subhuman in their society, they are precious in the sight of God. Pray for the GFA missionaries who are reaching them with the Gospel of Christ. Praise God that many hearts have been receptive to His love. Pray that many more Dalit families will find refuge in a Savior who cherishes them.