Can Jesus heal me? the woman wondered. Omana suffered from epilepsy and breathing difficulty, making it hard for her to care for her family. But Stanly, a GFA native missionary pastor ministering in her South Indian village, told her of a God who heals the sick. The pastor lifted her needs to the Lord, who mercifully healed her!

Omana listened eagerly as Pastor Stanly told her of God’s love for her. He could take away her sins, she heard, and give her eternal life! No more wondering what her next life would be, or if she was pleasing the gods (her religion taught her she could never know). She could have assurance of salvation, knowing that she would be with Jesus when she died. This was wonderful news.

Omana and her family gratefully received Christ as their Savior. Eager to grow in their new faith and know more deeply the compassionate God who healed Omana, they attend Pastor Stanly’s worship services regularly. The pastor requests prayer that God will provide them with land for a church building and give the believers grace to minister with boldness and courage.