Help build a church or a part of one

As new believers come into the church, like the one shown here, worship services become overcrowded as new believers are added to the body of Christ

A permanent church building is important in the Asian culture. It signifies that the people who worship there have respect for God.

Gospel for Asia-supported national missionary Javal Mehra faced a dilemma. Starting a church in a village of 600 homes, he felt blessed that the congregation had grown from just two families to more than fifty families within a few years.

But that growth had created a major challenge for the little group of Christians.

When the church outgrew Pastor Javal’s own small house, they first moved to a temporary bamboo structure they built themselves. And while that did provide some protection from the elements, as the church continued to grow, it became difficult to accommodate all the believers and visitors in its limited space.

That’s when, after much prayer, Pastor Javal asked Gospel for Asia if it would be possible for them to provide financial help for a permanent church building.

His church members were willing to provide land and their own labor for the building, he explained to the local GFA office; they just didn’t have the funds for the materials.

In answer to his prayers—and those of the enthusiastic congregation—GFA said “yes,” and today Pastor Javal’s church has a modest facility large enough for everyone to worship together.

As a result of this new facility, the church is adding even more families as its enthusiastic members reach out to share the Gospel with all those around them!

Please pray for other churches like Pastor Javal’s, that they will also be blessed with buildings that will allow them to worship the Lord together and reach out to others with the love of Jesus Christ.