Rickshaws like Mainak’s can transport multiple people.

Mainak, like these men, no longer has to pay rent to drive a rickshaw!

Mainak Singh and his wife Bahula trusted in Jesus and were active in their local Gospel for Asia-supported church. They remained faithful to God—even in the midst of financial hardship.

Mainak worked as a rickshaw driver, but because he did not have his own rickshaw, he had to rent one. Paying the rental fees took up half of his income, and he struggled to support his wife and son.

But as part of the Christmas gift distribution, Mainak’s church blessed him with a rickshaw. With his own vehicle, all his income went to care for his family! He expressed deep thankfulness to both God and the church for this Christmas gift.

Not only is Mainak earning enough to support his family, but he is also able to save some money. He sets aside a portion of his earnings to fund a church building for his fellow believers, in hopes they will one day have their own place to worship God together. Through the simple gift of a rickshaw, God has allowed Mainak and his family to share their financial blessings with the Body of Christ.