Kanta and Aishwarya take their new sewing machine home.

When Kanta and Aishwarya Baiji received a sewing machine from Gospel for Asia, it was an answer to their prayers.

Kanta and I used to spend time together praying, ‘God, if you are willing, give us our own sewing machine one day,’” Aishwarya said. “Today God has answered our prayer!”

Kanta and Aishwarya had to work in field labor jobs that provided little income. Often, no work was available. And in their area, women workers made only half the wages that the men were paid.

Aishwarya had known how to sew since she was a young girl, so her dream was to make a living with that skill. As believers, she and her husband prayed faithfully that God would provide a sewing machine.

Through the gift of a Christian to the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog, Aishwarya received her machine.

Now I won’t have to do farm labor,” she rejoiced. “There is no other tailoring shop here, so there will be good business.”

After trusting the Lord for years to provide for their needs, Kanta and Aishwarya are so grateful to Him and to the person who donated their sewing machine. They want to use this miracle to share hope with others in their village, too.

I’m going to encourage others that whatever their needs are, pray and spend time with God,” Kanta said. “If you don’t see the answer today, maybe tomorrow, but just be faithful. God will provide in His timing.”