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Children in one Indian state donned bright holiday hats and celebrated the birth of Christ alongside those of various faiths. Most of the people invited to the Christmas celebrations organized by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries practice many other faiths, but they were curious about Christmas.
To kick off the festivities, a GFA leader opened with prayer and shared the Christmas message of Christ's birth along with the joy and peace a person receives when Jesus is born in their heart.
Special guests were invited to attend the Christmas celebrations honoring Christ. Even though many of them were not believers, they acknowledged the greatness of Jesus' life.
The children performed cultural dances as part of the celebration...
...they put on skits that touched everyone's heart...
...and the adults sang Christmas carols in their native Asian languages.
During the celebration, students with high grades on Sunday school exams received awards for their hard work.
Of course, there were presents. Some needy families and children received blankets and winter clothing to keep them warm during the cold months ahead.
The Christmas celebrations were times of great joy for many. "It was a chilly evening," one participant said. "There were lights and decorations. It looked as if the stars in heaven had come down."
date posted 01/19/2010

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