GFA missionary Jeevan stopped for a slight detour on his way to his place of ministry one day—and he’s glad he did. On his way to his destination that day, Jeevan sensed the Lord leading him to visit a Buddhist family.

He was warmly welcomed by the whole family—and the Lord led him to share the Gospel. He spoke plainly of Jesus and His power to heal all diseases. Most of all, he spoke of the forgiveness and salvation Christ offers.

It turned out that Jeevan could not have visited this family at a better time. When Harun, the head of the household, heard of Jesus’ power to heal, he eagerly asked Jeevan to pray for his 20-year-old daughter, Kirupa. For the last 10 years, he said, Kirupa had suffered considerable physical pain and mental anguish.

Discerning that Kirupa’s illness was caused by demonic oppression, Jeevan lifted her in prayer. He also encouraged Harun to bring his daughter to the church so his congregation could pray for her. Touched by this young woman’s desperate plight, the believers joined Jeevan in fasting and prayer for her complete deliverance. All rejoiced and were in awe of God’s power when Kirupa was completely healed within a few days.

Kirupa and her father then understood that it was Jesus who had delivered her, doing what no sorcerer or doctor had been able to. With deep gratitude, the family turned from former beliefs and traditions to receive Jesus.

Pray that through this family, the entire village will come to faith in Christ. And pray that the Lord would continue to guide and anoint Jeevan in his ministry.