Prabavathi ran out the door and fled to her father’s home, leaving her new husband to stare after her in disbelief. After some months of marriage, Shaijan and Parabavathi had an argument. But surely all couples had those. Shaijan kept watching and waiting, hoping that at any moment his wife would return.

In the days following, he tried to get her back. Oh, how he tried. He just wanted to get along, to make amends. When GFA missionary Rameswer knocked on Shaijan’s door while on evangelistic outreach one day, the despondent man shared his painful story. Something in the missionary made Shaijan feel he could trust him. The native evangelist listened tenderly. As he shared about Jesus, the Comforter and Prince of Peace, Shaijan began to believe in this God.

Together the two men joined in praying for the Lord’s intervention. He could bring Shaijan’s wife back to him. “He answered our prayers in a miraculous way,” GFA missionary Rameswer relates. Without having to be coaxed, Prabavathi took steps of her own to make peace with her patient husband. And she, too, wanted to know this Jesus who had restored their marriage.

Give God thanks for a beautiful couple who enjoy not only a peaceful marriage but a relationship with the Prince of Peace. It is Rameswer’s prayer that very soon at least 100 others in the village will also come to Christ and find rest in Him. Let us join our hearts with his in praying to this end.