The two missionaries noticed the woman immediately. First, because she was older, and second, because her facial appearance was deeply sad as she stood at the corner intently watching the girls.

Rupali and Ila, women’s Bible college students in southern India, had traveled north to Delhi for their six-month internship. As they had done every day, they began distributing tracts when they came across Kitu. She shared with the missionaries her story. Her husband had left her, and her family was in turmoil without any peace.

The missionaries took the privilege to share the Gospel with Kitu. She agreed to meet their pastor and be prayed for. She again listened to the Gospel as Pastor Kailash shared with her the fulfillment of peace through Jesus Christ. Kitu wanted this peace and this Jesus. As soon as the pastor had finished praying with her, peace flooded her heart.

But Kitu wanted more of her family to know this peace. She took the students and pastor to her two sisters and brother. They too wanted this peace! The pastor prayed with them, and immediately they testified to the peace of God flooding their lives. Now four families not only have true peace, but are worshipping the Living God as one.

Pray that these four families will be strong in the Lord and used as witnesses for Him in this region. Pray that Pastor Kailash and the two missionaries will continue being used by the Lord to bring others to Himself.