Bible college students in Karnataka worked hard to clean the streets of any debris and clear away trash and weeds.

All around Karnataka, India, on August 15, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries celebrated Independence Day by serving their country. Within each region, teams were created to reach different areas of the community.

A Women’s Fellowship team visited an orphanage on the outskirts of a city and taught the children songs, stories and dances. Treats and small gifts were passed out to nearly 150 children.

A group of Bible college students swept the main streets of one town and cleaned a local market, while another group conducted a special program at a nursery school.

The local officials noted the Christians’ love for their country while they served, offering words of encouragement and appreciation for their dedication, reported a GFA field correspondent.

A local jail also received a visit from GFA-supported pastors, who shared the love of Jesus with the inmates.

GFA-supported missionaries gladly presented hospital patients gifts of food and the Word of God.

The team received very encouraging responses from the inmates and authorities,” our correspondent noted.

Later, the pastors headed to a nearby hospital to spend time with the patients, praying for them and sharing the hope of the Gospel. They also distributed fruits and treats while there.

Bridge of Hope students in Karnataka also celebrated India’s independence by conducting ceremonies where they hoisted the national flag and listened to local leaders speak about the need for being good and responsible citizens of their country.