This church in India is filled with Dalits who, like Sursen, now know the Savior’s love and can worship Him.

AIDS paved the way for Sursen to come to Christ.

Sursen, who lives in Karnataka, India, grew up in a family that adhered closely to the spiritual traditions of their village. When Sursen became an adult, he and his wife and their three children worshipped and offered animal sacrifices to appease the deities he learned to worship in his youth.

As a Dalit—one of India’s scorned and impoverished “Untouchables”—Sursen lived a very simple life with his family, working as a mason. When Sursen’s wife and children heard the Gospel from Jethu, a Gospel for Asia missionary, they chose to put their trust in Jesus. They began attending prayer meetings regularly at the church where Jethu was pastor.

Filled with despair at the news of his impending death, Sursen contemplated suicide …

As they grew in their faith, Sursen became angry. He wanted nothing to do with Jesus, and even joined others in the village in voicing opposition to the pastor and his family. A few months later, Sursen got sick and was bedridden for several days. He visited the doctor, who gave him the shocking news—he was HIV positive.

Sursen’s doctor told him he would only live for three months. Filled with despair at the news of his impending death, Sursen contemplated suicide. But then he thought of the many sins he had committed in his life and knew he needed atonement. Rather than offering another sacrifice to a traditional god, he asked his family members to bring Jethu to pray for him.

Pastor Jethu visited Sursen and shared of Christ’s redemptive love and healing power. God’s Word touched Sursen’s heart and he began confessing his sins to the Lord. Discovering that Jesus was the only One who could offer him true redemption, Sursen trusted Him as Savior. He found himself filled with peace and joy like none he’d known before and dedicated what remained of his life to knowing the Lord more fully. As Sursen spent time reading the Bible and praying, he began to have a deep trust in the Lord to seek Him for healing.

The Lord honored Sursen’s faith and healed him of AIDS.

Sursen and his family rejoiced in this miraculous answer to prayer and became witnesses of Christ’s redemptive healing among many in their village.

Pastor Jethu asks for prayer that the Lord will use Sursen’s story to witness to many more in this village—and that Sursen and his family continue to grow in their faith.

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