The believers pause for a photo after worshiping in their new building for the first time.

The new church building is a bright spot in the village.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Chetan Dutta pioneered a church six years ago, and now 130 believers are finally able to gather under the shelter of a new church building.

Pastor Chetan and the believers celebrated the momentous occasion by inviting a few local GFA-supported pastors along with a GFA regional leader. They opened the dedication ceremony with a reading from the book of Psalms, and then they cut the ribbon at the church’s entrance, officially opening up the building.

The pastors and believers entered their new sanctuary with songs of praise on their lips. They filled the open room with worship music until it was time for service to begin.

Chetan shared about the history of their church and the great works the Lord had done to bring them to that point. Following this historical overview, one of the state leaders shared a message on giving to the Lord.

Inspired by the sermon, the believers stepped forward and offered to furnish their new building with a fan, carpet and lights.

Having buildings to call their own is a significant step in the growth of the Church in Asia. In many South Asian cultures, having a permanent building testifies to the strength of one’s religion and one’s god. Most people won’t acknowledge a religion if there is no official building or temple to meet in.

For Pastor Chetan and the believers of this church, a new building provides a reason to boldly witness to God’s goodness and protection over His children.