Pastor Vincent (left) and his team have been showing the Man of Mercy film in neighboring South Indian villages. After several successful showings, the team approached the head of a fourth village, seeking permission to show the film. The brothers were overjoyed when the leader agreed.

On the night of the viewing, the missionaries eagerly anticipated what God would do in this unreached village. Soon everything was ready, and they waited for villagers to come and see what was going on. A crowd of men approached, led by the village head. But they weren’t coming to see the film. Sadly, they chased the team away, not allowing them to share anything about the Savior. Though the missionaries left disappointed, they remembered God had asked them to take the Gospel to this community. They continued to pray, trusting Him to open a way.

Only a few days later, the very men who had opposed the viewing were involved in a large quarrel. More than 25 of them, including the village head, were jailed for a month. Pastor Vincent’s team is trusting the Lord will use this incident to transform the men’s hearts, that they may allow their community to see Man of Mercy. Let us pray with them, believing for this miracle.