Lahar shared with Manas how Jesus can change any life.

No one liked Manas. As part of a gang of thieves, Manas spent much of his time breaking into the villagers’ homes and stealing their possessions. But he caused the most trouble for Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Lahar Chiman and his church.

Manas tried to discourage Lahar’s ministry by threatening him. And on many occasions, Manas barged into the church services and harassed the believers by insulting them. He would also disrupt their worship by standing outside the church building and pelting rocks at it.

One day Manas went too far, and some of the villagers decided to kill him. Manas found out about the plan and, out of fear for his life, ran to the Lahar’s house. He forced Lahar to let him hide there until things calmed down.

During that time, Lahar and his wife, Prianka, demonstrated a kind of love and compassion to Manas that he had never seen. He could not believe that in spite of all the malicious things he had done to them, they were willing to treat him so well. Realzing his mistakes, Manas broke down in tears and apologized to Lahar and his family for all the things he had put them through.

He faithfully attends worship services with the people he used to hassle, in the very building he used to target for evil.

Lahar and Prianka revealed that their love came from a relationship with Jesus. They also showed him from the Bible how Jesus can forgive sin and transform any life. After hearing this Good News, Manas gave his life to Christ and turned from his old ways. He also went to the church and told all of the believers how sorry he was for his terrible actions.

Manas, who used to be a threat to society, is now a testimony to his community of how God can change even the toughest people. He faithfully attends worship services with the believers he used to hassle, in the very building he used to target for evil.

Lahar requests prayer that Manas’ testimony will bring many to Christ. Manas asks for prayer that his wife, who is not yet a believer, will become a follower of Christ as well.

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