Missionaries pray for this woman, like Kunjamma, to be freed from demon possession.

Kunjamma stood making fun of the message that Gospel for Asia missionary Jiralal was telling her. She didn't realize it was the only thing that could free her from the bondage she was enduring.

Kunjamma had suffered for years as evil spirits attacked her and caused her to writhe uncontrollably. Witch doctors took her money, but couldn't cure her. Eventually, her son Raj also started experiencing these attacks. That's when Kunjamma became more desperate than ever before to find deliverance.

But when Jiralal visited her village, Kunjamma didn't want to listen. Even though the missionary made the effort to visit her home individually, she was unreceptive. Kunjamma's friends started suggesting that she just allow Jiralal to pray for her and see what Jesus could do.

Finally, a breakthrough came when Raj attended a children's program that Jiralal led. The missionary invited Raj to church and shared about Jesus, saying He was able to deliver people from evil spirits. Raj went home and told his mother, who finally agreed to listen to the Gospel message.

Kunjamma and Raj gradually softened toward the pastor as they attended church and heard these messages of hope. At last, they put their trust in Jesus, and He delivered them completely from the bondage of demons.

Today, both Kunjamma and Raj deeply desire to follow the Lord and know Him more. They ask for prayer for this and for Kunjamma's husband, who is in the army, to receive Jesus as well.

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Kunjamma and Raj live in Jammu & Kashmir, India.