Mina helps lead worship at her father’s church in Maharashtra, India.

Every Sunday, while Mina Raj leads worship at her father’s church, she is grateful to the Lord for the miracle that allows her to do so.

Mina grew up watching her father, a Gospel for Asia missionary, play several musical instruments, and it inspired her to play them as well. As she learned, she had opportunities to play the keyboard in her church. But one day, she nearly lost her chance to keep pursuing this dream.

While Mina’s father was spending time with the Lord in another room of her house, Mina was helping her mother. But as Mina was carrying a bucket of boiling water, she slipped and spilled the hot water over half of her body.

Hearing Mina’s screams, her father came to find her badly burned. After cutting off some metal bangles from her arm to ease her pain, he took her to a nearby hospital. But there was little the doctors could do for her severe burns.

After Mina’s father took her home, he and several other believers from their church began praying for her to be healed. And the Lord answered: Mina healed without even a scar.

Today Mina serves in a Bridge of Hope center, working with children and telling her story to encourage them to trust the Lord. She also serves on the worship team of her church, playing instruments and thanking God for His healing.

Mina asks for prayer that she would be used by God to help many people understand His love.