Pastor Ruchir came to the small Maharashtra village knowing he would be mocked and ridiculed, so he was not surprised when Kulvir opposed him from the beginning. Kulvir and his family lived near the church, and during every prayer meeting they would sneer and mock the believers. But the pastor was determined to reach this family with the love of Jesus. He prayed for their salvation consistently. One day Kulvir and his family fell sick, and when their sickness became more intense, they began consulting four doctors—but none could heal Kulvir or his family.

When all attempts had failed, Kulvir came to Pastor Ruchir looking for the only doctor who could heal him—Jesus Christ. Ruchir and his wife prayed for Kulvir and his family, and immediately all were healed! That same day they surrendered their lives to the Lord and are now growing spiritually through the teaching of God’s Word and the discipleship of Ruchir.

Pastor Ruchir asks for prayer that he and his family will continue to be used as mighty instruments to lead others to Jesus. Pray also for Kulvir and his family to follow the Lord and press on in their faith even through difficult circumstances.