Kalyan learned to pray at his Bridge of Hope center. As he trusted God through his prayers, an incredible difference was made in his father’s life.

Rohit Jamna's alcohol addiction had spun out of control. Now, he was even beating his wife and kids. His life had become more than he could take. Working backbreaking days as a rickshaw puller yet making next to nothing, Rohit lost all hope and threw his life away as a drunkard. No one really cared what Rohit did, because he is a Dalit ("Untouchable"). Dalits are despised and mistreated in their communities.

But despite the family's tremendous turmoil, Rohit's young son, Kalyan, knew things would turn around. He was praying.

Kalyan had recently started attending a Bridge of Hope center in his family's village. Each day, he heard about the love of Jesus and how He can change lives. Testing what he learned at the center, Kalyan prayed that God would bring peace to his family and help his dad stop drinking. With each tearful prayer, Kalyan trusted Jesus more.

Slowly, Kalyan began to see changes in his family. And after a few months, Rohit completely changed. He stopped abusing alcohol and started caring for his family. Kalyan and his family rejoiced as they saw the power of God work in their lives so dramatically.

Today, Kalyan is a happy fourth-grader. He soaks up everything he learns at the Bridge of Hope center and loves memorizing Bible verses. He doesn't have to cry each time he prays anymore—instead, he thanks God that his family is whole again.

The Bridge of Hope workers ask for prayer that Kalyan and his family will continue to grow closer to Jesus, and that their testimony will greatly impact those who live around them.

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