Life was getting hard for Munna. It just wasn’t worth living any longer, he reasoned. He was dealing with some problems that were too painful to bear. His constant worrying had taken a toll on him, and he had no peace. He was ready to end his life and commit suicide.

At this dark time in Munna’s life, the Lord sent him a messenger of hope, GFA native missionary Kovvuri. The tenderhearted evangelist told the distressed man about Christ and His salvation that brings meaning to life. The Holy Spirit filled Munna’s heart with a sense of God’s deep love for him. Touched, Munna gladly asked Christ to be his Savior and Lord. Now he has Someone to live for, a God who cherishes him and has a special plan for his life.

By God’s working, Munna is one of 27 people who have come to the Savior recently through Kovvuri’s witness. Through the prayers of people like you, these precious people, once spiritually dead, have found life eternal in Jesus.