Walking up steep mountain trails is often the only way to get from village to village in Nepal.

What a joy it was for us to see these believers coming to the church to worship Jesus,” said Hisila Kamal, a Gospel for Asia correspondent in Nepal. “It is very amazing to see God’s work in the remote villages of the Himalaya Mountains! We believe Nepal will soon by covered with the Gospel.”

Hisila wrote these words after journeying throughout Midwest Nepal and visiting several GFA mission projects in that area.

The first leg of his journey was two days of travel from Nepal’s capital city of Katmandu to a small village to attend a two-day meeting for GFA missionaries who live in that area. Looking at the map, the village doesn’t seem that far from Katmandu, but traveling across Nepal’s rugged terrain presents unique challenges.

Many times we had to get out of the car in order to dig up the road and push our vehicle out, as it got stuck in the mud,” Hisila shared.

After driving as far as they could, Hisila and his traveling companions walked six hours up and down mountain trails to get to the missionary gathering. The two days of learning that took place at the conference made the journey worthwhile for all of the missionaries and ministry staff who attended.

At the conclusion of the training seminar, Hisila moved on to another village near the Bheri River where Gospel for Asia missionary Udit Narayan has served for about two years. Udit introduced Hisila to Nira and Sunari Tamang, two sisters who both recently chose to follow Christ. Their decision has caused them a lot of problems, as many of their fellow villagers are opposing them; but the sisters remain undaunted.

Nira and Sunari were threatened by their own family,” Hisila reports. “Irrespective of all the problems and opposition, they were ready to witness about Jesus in the village.”

Both Nira and Sunari work in the GFA Bridge of Hope center in the village.

Udit reports that more than 20 others have also chosen to follow Christ.

Hisila left Udit’s village and trekked uphill for another two days to reach a village where GFA missionary Madhav Senu had been working for eight months. Hisila was able to meet 12 people who had chosen to follow Christ because of Madhav’s ministry there. Because this is a remote area, many of these new believers walk several hours just to get to church.

All of them were very happy to come to the church and listen to God’s Word,” Hisila concluded.

The missionaries Hisila visited are praising God that Nepal is opening up to the Gospel more and more each year. They ask for prayer that God will continue to soften the hearts of the people and that those writing the country’s new constitution will include complete freedom to preach the Gospel there.