Prashob and Jerusha are ready to serve the Lord as soon as Prashob graduates from a Gospel for Asia Bible college in southern India this month. That they are serving together is a miracle in both their lives.

Only three years after he married Jerusha, Prashob moved away with a broken heart.

Prashob had fallen in love with Jerusha in high school and married her, which was quite unusual in their society, where arranged marriages are customary. In the coming years as she continued her studies, Jerusha failed an exam—taken very seriously in Asian culture—and because of the deep shame and sorrow, she slowly became insane. Doctors couldn’t help her.

Finally, Jerusha’s family told Prashob he didn’t have to stay with her, and his family even started looking for another girl for him to marry. In despair, Prashob decided to move away, not wanting to abandon the woman he still loved, but too pained to stay and watch her condition deteriorate.

But the Lord had a plan. Prashob met a GFA missionary who shared the Gospel and invited him to church. He didn’t want to attend … but desperate for peace, he came. Soon after, Prashob received Christ as his Savior, and peace and comfort filled his heart for the first time. As Prashob began growing in his faith, he joined a GFA Bible college.

Then another blow came—Prashob’s brother had suddenly become sick and was dying. He also received word that Jerusha’s condition was getting worse.

The overwhelming pain and despair threatened to return. Only the encouragement and counseling of the Bible college principal kept Prashob from ending his studies. Instead, when he received a notice from the doctors to start planning his brother’s funeral, Prashob, the principal and a few students went to pray for his brother. The Lord healed him miraculously, which led five families to Christ!

Prashob’s faith increased, and as he continued praying, Jerusha also started recovering. The Lord healed her completely, and she is now waiting for Prashob to graduate this month so they can serve in ministry together.

In the joy of the Lord’s faithfulness in their lives, Prashob and Jerusha know they can lean on Him for all their needs as they prepare to enter ministry.