As Sabal and Medini ministered to the Dalits in their village, they were first able to share God’s love with the women.

Eight years ago, Gospel for Asia missionary Sabal Chintan and his wife, Medini, felt the Lord’s call to an area of Uttar Pradesh, India, where thousands of Dalits (“Untouchables”) reside. Wanting nothing more than to show these precious people how much Christ loves them, Sabal and Medini immediately began reaching out. But to their surprise, no one would even talk to them.

Virtually enslaved at the bottom of India’s caste system, “Untouchables” have been hated and despised for thousands of years. Most work countless hours of back-breaking labor for next to nothing. Because high-caste people treat them as completely worthless, this group of Dalits didn’t think they were worthy enough to interact with Sabal and Medini.

“No one has ever shown love to us like you do,” the ladies told Medini.

Determined to encourage these desperate souls, the missionary and his wife fasted and prayed for three days. Then Sabal and Medini went to every single house in the village to meet the Dalits who lived there.

As they continued to visit with the people, Medini began to develop friendships with the women.

No one has ever shown love to us like you do,” the ladies told Medini.

Soon, Sabal and Medini were sharing about Jesus in a simple way that the villagers could understand. They explained that Jesus came to deliver the oppressed and that He alone gives peace and deliverance.

Sabal and Medini also reached out to the “Untouchable” children by teaching them the alphabet and good manners through Bible verses, songs and stories. Many of the children had never gone to school and were delighted at the opportunity to learn.

Slowly, Sabal and Medini gained the villagers’ trust, and the people started bringing their problems to the couple for prayer. Soon, there were enough people coming with requests that they needed a place to have prayer meetings.

It was at this time that the Dalit leader in this area invited Sabal and Medini to have a meeting in his home. Every week after that, different families hosted the study in their homes. At each meeting, Sabal would teach from the Word of God, and the people eagerly soaked up his messages.

As the Dalits saw that they were treated as equals at the prayer meetings, their low self-esteem began to vanish. And the Lord honored their simple faith by healing many of their illnesses when Sabal prayed for them.

After seeing the Lord’s love for them, many of the Dalits began following Jesus, and then sharing their testimonies with others in their area. Soon people from 16 other villages were asking for Sabal to come and have prayer meetings with them as well.

Hopping on his bicycle, Sabal traveled every day to different villages to minister to the “Untouchables.” Today, as a result of his testimony of Christ’s love and acceptance, more than 700 Dalits have come to know Christ in these villages.

Sabal asks for prayer that more Dalits will see their worth in Jesus. He also requests prayer that God will bring more laborers to help reap the harvest in Uttar Pradesh.