Not considered influential in their society, women still have a great impact sharing Jesus’ love in Asia.

After she finishes her daily duties as a housemaid for four families, 65-year-old Amini doesn’t go home and rest. She eagerly sets out to visit homes and distribute Gospel tracts, sharing the thing she values most in her life: Christ’s love.

Amini lives alone; her three children are grown and out of the house. She doesn’t have any family to care for her, but she has the Lord and belongs to His family of believers.

Knowing Jesus has made such a difference in her life, Amini wants to share Him with everyone around her. Even though she can’t read herself, Amini isn’t discouraged. She does everything possible to actively share her hope with the people of her village.

Amini works cleaning houses from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day, then goes from house to house handing out Gospel tracts and telling people about God’s love. She usually doesn’t get home until 9:00 each night!

Amini is a great role model for the younger people of our church,” writes GFA’s correspondent. “Please uphold this lady in your valuable prayers!”