The fire spread quickly in the village because the huts were made of bamboo, like the one pictured here.

Fire ravaged a tribal village in Northeast India on March 15, destroying 235 of the 300 hut-style homes. Thankfully no one was injured, but the families whose homes were burned lost everything and are now homeless. Sixty of the families who lost their homes are Christians who attend a church led by a Gospel for Asia–supported pastor.

The fire initially broke out in one home where a family was making aluminum utensils. Since all the huts in the village are made of bamboo, the fire spread very quickly, and within a few hours, more than 200 huts were completely burned.

Firefighters responded and were able to stop the spread of the fire, which kept it from destroying the rest of the homes. Local GFA missionaries are doing all they can to minister to the needs of the entire village and help them rebuild their lives and homes.

GFA’s local correspondent requests prayer for this village.

Pray for all the affected families, that God will show mercy to them and provide for all their needs,” she writes. “Pray for our believers, that this incident will not cause them to lose hope or faith. Pray that they will grow in relying on the Lord.”