Church Photos

See how church buildings benefit our brothers and sisters in South Asia.

These photo stories will give you an idea of just how significant it is for a church to have a building to meet in, where they can worship together in safety.

A Multipurpose Church Building

The first four months of Prasan Pinak's urban ministry were incredibly difficult. Some people insulted him, and everyone else ignored everything he said.

Building on Ministry

Pastor Rishi Manaat's congregation used to meet on the front porch of his house and then in a thatched roof hut with no walls. Today, they worship in a small church building provided by believers around the world.

A New Church for the Second Time

This church building inauguration was a day of great joy for GFA World missionary Hadi Rahman. That's because this was the second time he had inaugurated a church building on this same site.

A Celebrating Church

Having a church home to gather in is cause for great celebration for believers in South Asia. The people in this village are meeting for the first time in their new church building.

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