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History - GFA's Discipleship Program

The foundation of the Discipleship Program was laid when K.P. and Gisela Yohannan answered the call of God into fulltime ministry back in the 70’s. Being young adults they were so impacted by the opportunity given to them to do something for the Lord. It was from those early years of ministry that a foundation was laid for the Discipleship Program. The dream and vision to see hundreds of young people impacted with the call of God on their life to come and die to themselves and give all for the sake of Christ.

This same passion and commitment is what is seen throughout the ministry of GFA. The Discipleship Program has its purpose and value within GFA in the context of prayer and a passion to reach the most unreached in our generation with the Love of Christ. Because of this, there is a clear focus on giving young people a chance to embrace Christ in a way that leaves them permanently changed.

As the Discipleship Program continues to grow and expand our vision is to see at least 200 disciples a year answering the call of God on their life to come and die to themselves for a year and embrace the Cross of Christ and follow Him the rest of their life.

We have already seen so many disciples come through the Discipleship Program and go out to serve the Lord all around the World in missions, full-time ministry, university and the workforce.

With two campuses, one in Texas, U.S. and the other in Ontario, Canada there is plenty of room to grow.