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Assam Flooding Kills 65, Affects 1.7 Million

July 18, 2017

Assam, India, is experiencing another devastating year of monsoon flooding. Twenty five of its 33 districts are affected after torrential rains caused local rivers to overflow. Currently, 65 people have died—including children—and more than 1.7 million people have been affected.

Local authorities set up 325 relief camps, which are now home to more than 122,000 people whose houses have been damaged or destroyed.

In one district of Assam, 100 believers belonging to churches led by GFA-supported pastors have been affected. Ten church buildings—some temporary constructions—are under water, while four GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centers had to close for five days because of the flooding.

A GFA-supported field correspondent reported, "The poor families just bear the condition as it is, and they stay in their homes. Some families have collected banana tree and made boats to visit one house to another and also to get their daily needs."

They also reported that people are suffering from fever, malaria, and skin diseases because of the unhygienic conditions flooding has caused.

Local authorities are providing relief supplies, such as rice, oil, salt, dal, tarps, baby food, water purifying tablets, candles and match boxes, to flood survivors.

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Photos from Assam

Please pray:

  1. Lord will protect flood survivors from disease and sickness.
  2. The Bridge of Hope centers can reopen so children can continue their education.
  3. Those who lost loved ones will find peace and comfort in Christ.
  4. The local authorities will have wisdom on how to care for flood survivors.

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