Pray for Bible colleges:
sending out laborers into the Lord's harvest

Pray for Bible colleges

“Go to the village you've chosen, dig your grave on the outskirts of town, and if you have to die to reach that village, wait for us in heaven—it's a better place.”

The day Gospel for Asia Bible college students receive this charge along with their diploma is one they all look forward to. But the years before are filled with challenging classes, long days of studying and more than a year of practical ministry experience. Many students are first-generation believers with a limited understanding of God's Word, but they are driven by a desperate desire to see their own—and many other—villages reached with the love of Christ. Please pray with us for Bible colleges.

Pray for students.

Some have traveled far from home and against their families' wishes. Some gave up thriving careers and others have dreamed of nothing else for years. As they face up to three years of challenging Bible study and ministry training, though, only those who seek the Lord wholeheartedly will endure.

Please pray that our students will commit their time in Bible college to the Lord. Pray that He will be their source of strength and comfort when they are discouraged and that they will remain confident in their calling.

Pray for Bible colleges

Pray for teachers.

With years of ministry experience and spiritual growth, GFA Bible college teachers are responsible for fully equipping students for ministry—instructing them in Bible study, prayer and practical wisdom for ministry.

Please pray for the Lord's guidance as they disciple and shape students into the servants they are called to be, and pray that each instructor will lead a life that demonstrates true dedication to God.

Pray for Bible colleges

Pray for practical ministry internships.

After one to two years in the classroom, each student spends a year as a practical ministry intern, working full-time with a pastor, film team, radio producer or other missionary already on the field. The experienced workers provide valuable guidance as interns refine their skills and live the life of a missionary for the first time.

Pray for peace and confidence in Christ as students apply what they've learned. Ask God to guide them in sharing His love and to keep their eyes always on Him.

Pray for Bible colleges

Pray for recent graduates.

As they venture into new lands or return to home villages, new graduates must consider how they can most effectively share the love of Christ and prepare for the reality that their message may not be well received.

Please pray for wisdom and for favor in these communities. And ask that they will hear clearly from the Lord and have the confidence to obey.

Pray for Bible colleges

Pray for more students.

Each graduating class's solemn charge of sacrifice is coupled with the knowledge that many more workers are needed if all of Asia is to hear the name of Jesus.

Pray that those God has called will hear and obey, trusting Him to provide in every way for them and their families while they study.

Pray for Bible colleges

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