Tailoring classes, like the one pictured here, are bringing brighter futures to women in Asia.

Harsha’s, Manjula’s and Chameli’s lives have a common thread: These three women and their families were struggling to get by. But then each had a chance to enroll in a six-month tailoring course offered through a local Bridge of Hope center for poverty-afflicted women … and things began to look up for them.

In her mid-30s, Harsha is married with five children. Even though her husband works very hard as a rickshaw puller, his income was barely meeting their needs.

Then Harsha learned how to sew at the tailoring center.

Now I can stitch clothes and earn money for my family,” she expressed. “Not only that, I myself can stitch clothes for my children. This will greatly reduce the expense of paying other tailors. I am really excited and thankful to Bridge of Hope for giving me this opportunity to learn to sew.”

Manjula’s husband’s job as a painter was very sporadic, and he was not always guaranteed work. He did not earn enough money to even meet the needs of their family, which included their four children.

“I am so happy, because now I can help in the financial matters of my family.” – Manjula

But then Manjula received training at the tailoring center—and she was overjoyed to know she could help provide for her family through this newly acquired trade.

I am so happy,” she said, “because now I can help in the financial matters of my family. Also, I can train some ladies in my village who are interested in tailoring. I will look into this as a service to help others in need.”

Chameli, too, is grateful for the opportunity the course gave her to learn how to sew. And she has a double joy—through the ministry of the local Bridge of Hope center, she came to know the Lord!

At first, Chameli’s husband opposed her in her new faith. But then, through her positive example and God’s work in his heart, he and their two children also put their trust in Jesus.

And now, Chameli is always willing to help out in the Bridge of Hope center that showed her the love of a Savior.

Harsha, Manjula and Chameli are not alone. They are part of a larger group of at least 33 women who have now successfully completed the six-month course and received their certificates of completion.

They were happy and overwhelmed with joy because they found jobs through which they could earn a livelihood for their family,” writes a GFA field correspondent.

Each of the women’s stories is a little different, but they all share one common thread: In learning a skill that could help their families, each was given a tangible glimpse of the love of a Savior for them—all through a six-month tailoring course.