“If you follow Christianity and spread it here,” the Maoist commander warned, “you will have to leave this village.”

Ministering in war-torn Nepal, GFA Pastor Mangal recently found out what it means to be caught in the cross fire between the government and insurgent Maoists.

With threats continuing to warn Pastor Mangal of danger to his life if he remained in the village, he continued serving his Savior, telling others of Jesus and discipling his flock of new believers.

Then, a few months ago, Pastor Mangal was returning from the village market, where he had bought food for his family. At an army checkpoint, a Nepalese officer interrogated him about what he was carrying. Though Pastor Mangal explained the food was for his family, the official suspected he was carrying supplies for the Maoists-and beat him severely.

Pastor Mangal was hurt so badly that he had to rest in bed for a month. As soon as he recovered, he continued actively sharing the Good News, going from village to village.

Again he was stopped by the Maoist commander, who demanded, “Why haven’t you left the village?” The commander beat Pastor Mangal very severely and left him on a cliff.

But the believers in Pastor Mangal’s young church came to his rescue, tenderly caring for him and providing medication for his pain. Although this time the pastor left the village to minister in a different area, he didn’t go without leaving someone behind to carry on the work: A GFA Bible college student who recently graduated and is from this village will be serving in his stead. This student is aware of the dangers of sharing the Gospel in this area but is still willing to obey God’s call, trusting in His sustaining grace.

Although it is too dangerous at the moment, Pastor Mangal remains hopeful that he can one day return to the village God gave him such a passion for.

“I have labored for the Gospel in this area,” he says. “I have served the Lord here with my sweat and blood. Now there are 14 baptized believers in this village. Though I’ve moved temporarily, I believe the situation of this nation will one day become normal and I’ll again be able to serve my Master and Savior in this village.”

“Please pray for me,” he continues. “Whatever has happened to me, I count all this joy since there is a price we’re to pay if we love and serve Him.”

Please pray for Pastor Mangal’s comfort and protection. Pray for growth in the ministry he has started elsewhere. Please pray as well for the newly graduated Bible college student who will carry on the work he had to leave behind.

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