Kapil, like this missionary, shares the Gospel through personal evangelism in Maharashtra, India.

Gospel for Asia missionary Kapil Sahoo continues to preach God’s Word even though it poses a grave danger to him, his wife, Harshini, and their 2-year-old son.

Kapil works among the unreached people in Maharashtra, India. He ministers to the people through personal evangelism, house visitation and tract distribution. He also leads home prayer fellowships and conducts open-air meeting.

In July, his ministry caught the attention of local anti-Christian extremists. At first they bullied him and warned him to stop telling people about Jesus. Then the threats turned into action as the extremists caught Kapil and Harshini together one day and threw them both down to the ground.

A few weeks later, Kapil was on his way to lead a meeting when the extremists caught him again. This time they beat him mercilessly. He managed to escape and even attempted to file a police complaint about the incident. The police refused to take the information, and instead advised him to stop telling people about Jesus and praying for them. They advised Kapil to stay in his house and not go out and preach.

A short time later, Kapil began to receive threatening phone calls from the extremist group. In spite of this opposition, Kapil refuses to back down from fulfilling God’s call on his life. He continues to share Jesus with the people in this area.

GFA leaders in Maharashtra ask for prayer for Kapil, that he will be strengthened in the midst of this opposition. They also ask for prayer for safety for Kapil, Harshini and their son.

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