When Gospel for Asia missionary Kundan first arrived in the village to which God had called him in Himachal Pradesh, he had to overcome many obstacles and discouraging circumstances.

But thankfully for the people of this village, Kundan did not give up. God used his faithful outreach to bring life to people on many levels—spiritually because many now know Christ through his witness, and physically for those like Sunita and Jilina.

Sunita yearned for a child, but she was barren. This weighed heavily on her heart, for in Indian culture, it is considered especially important for women to produce children. When Sunita met Kundan, he told her about Jesus and prayed for her situation. The Lord worked in an amazing way, providing a baby girl for Sunita and her husband.

Jilina, a believer in Kundan’s church, suffered from a breathing problem. The problem grew much worse-and when she visited the doctor, she was told she would not survive. When Kundan heard the news, he cried out, “Lord, she is Your child. Please give her life again.” The Lord touched Jilina and restored her life.

Pray for the Lord’s continued hand upon Kundan-and for the blessing of a godly wife who would serve alongside him, telling more precious souls of the abundant life offered in Jesus.

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