With small arms outstretched in praise, 45 children clapped their hands creating a joyful noise to the Lord. As their voices joined in harmony, songs about Jesus professed their desire to love Him more.

Suddenly, disorder erupted throughout the building as villagers exclaimed in anger, “You came here to convert people to Christianity!” In despair and with sorrowful hearts, native missionary Jayant and Bhim were forced to leave this small village in the Indian state of Uttaranchal.

These two Gospel for Asia workers felt the Lord leading them to conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS). Unaware that the program was Christian, villagers agreed to allow their 45 children to attend—yet once the mention of Jesus occurred, they forced the missionaries to leave.

A similar incident occurred in another village where 31 children attended the program. After a family asked the missionaries to conduct a prayer meeting, they were able to introduce a VBS. They were not told to leave the village, but on the way to a prayer meeting, someone poured water on them from the terrace of a neighboring house. This greatly discouraged them.

But as they strengthened each other in the Lord, they witnessed a miracle: A woman living in the village was suffering from appendicitis, but was unable to afford an operation. Jayant and Bhim prayed over her, trusting God to completely restore her. By God’s sovereign hand, she was healed and came to church the next Sunday.

Please pray for the protection of missionaries Jayant and Bhim as they keep witnessing to these villages, and that they will have strength and perseverance.

*Name changed for security reasons