Despite the potential dangers posed for Christians in Chhattisgarh, many are counting the cost and choosing to follow Christ.

Your prayers are appreciated for Layak Kamol, a Gospel for Asia missionary in Chhattisgarh whose life is potentially in danger; he is a target of an anti-Christian extremist group.

The opposition against Pastor Layak started on December 2 as he led a prayer meeting in a believer’s home. While the Christians were meeting, the extremist group gathered close by. Using loudspeakers, they spoke out against Christianity and threatened all Christian workers in the area, telling them to leave. Sensing the seriousness of the threats, Layak called GFA’s office in Chhattisgarh to warn them of the situation.

A few minutes later, a believer related an incident to Layak of another Christian missionary in the village who was brutally beaten that same day. Recognizing the threat on Layak’s life, the believers urged him to leave.

Since there was no way to reach his home without encountering the extremists, Pastor Layak fled to the jungle. He had a cell phone in his pocket and was able to call Darpan Kishore, a GFA missionary serving in another village. By around 10 p.m., Darpan was able to gather seven other missionaries to join him in the jungle. Together, the eight men safely escorted Layak to a believer’s home in a nearby village. The next morning, Layak returned to his own village. However, members of the anti-Christian extremist group are still on the lookout for him.

Because of the current situation in Chhattisgarh, Layak knows these were no idle threats. Chattisgarh’s anti-conversion law puts Christians under the watchful eye of those opposed to the proclamation of the Gospel.

Recognizing the threat on Layak’s life, the believers urged him to leave.

Two months earlier, police had arrested Chandran Paranjoy, another GFA missionary in Chhattigarh. Anti-Christian extremists falsely accused the missionary of offering people a bribe to convert to Christianity.

While Chandran was in jail, he had the opportunity to hold worship services for about 30 people who showed an eagerness to hear more about Jesus. By God’s grace, Chandran was released just over two weeks later, much to the joy of believers who were learning from him.

The incident is a poignant reminder of the special challenges and dangers Chhattisgarh’s anti-conversion law poses for Christian workers. Despite such obstacles, GFA missionaries there are courageously sharing the love of Christ. As a result, many lives are being eternally touched with the Gospel.

GFA leaders request prayer for safety and spiritual stamina for Pastor Layak, his wife and four children. Pray also that the 25 believers in his church will have courage and continue to grow in their Christian faith.

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