Around 10 P.M. yesterday, police in Madhya Pradesh, India, arrested two Gospel for Asia missionaries and a local believer while they were showing the Man of Mercy film on the life of Jesus. The police also confiscated the film equipment.

The two GFA missionaries had been working in the area for two months. They had established a fellowship in the village and held several prayer meetings there and in the surrounding five villages. The Lord greatly blessed their work and brought many people to salvation.

One of the believers allowed the missionaries to show the film in his home as an outreach to his village. But during the film showing, members of an extremist anti-Christian group came with police to the believer’s house, accusing the missionaries of forcefully converting the people of the village. The police arrested all three of them and currently hold them in custody.

Today, GFA area leaders are going to the police station to try to get the men released. They ask for prayer for the Lord’s grace and protection as they talk to the police, and for the immediate release of the three men—as well as for the salvation of the anti-Christians.

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