Besides concentrating on their studies, GFA Bible College students minister to the surrounding communities.

God did not abandon Neha Lona in her time of need. Earlier in her life, when she was following Christianity, her parents arranged for her to marry a man from a different religion. As a result, she was forced to abandon the practices of her Christian faith to follow her husband's gods.

Meanwhile, a team of young women from a Gospel for Asia Bible college in Meghalaya, India, was leading a Sunday school where Neha and her family lived. Neha brought her child to the school and became friends with the women on the missionary team. When the missionaries shared the Gospel with her, Neha recognized that she had sinned by worshipping the idols. She realized the gods of her husband's religion had ultimately driven her away from the Lord.

Knowing that Jesus still loved her, she repented of her sins and rededicated her life to Him.

Shortly after her confession, Neha's husband again led her to worship idols during a Hindu festival. However, Neha did not want to turn her back on Jesus, and she refused. Neha's husband severely beat her for refusing to worship the idols.

A week later, Neha and the GFA womens team talked again at the Sunday school. Neha sobbed as she told them everything that had happened. The young women comforted her and prayed for her husband. They also encouraged Neha to remain firm in her faith in Jesus.

The next week, when the womens team saw Neha, she had a completely different attitude. She told the girls about her desire to be baptized.

Today, Neha continues to believe that the Lord will save her husband, especially since God never gave up on her.

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