At 9:30 a.m. last Friday, November 19, GFA missionary Budhudas in North India was severely beaten by a mob of anti-Christians who stormed his house and dragged him outside, in front of his 9-year-old son. Budhudas (pictured here with his family) knows he could face persecution at any moment, but it is unlikely he expected it as he was getting his son ready for school that morning.

While the mob mercilessly beat and kicked Budhudas, others ransacked his home and burned more than 200 New Testaments, other ministry-related literature and his son’s schoolbooks. They also stole money from the family.

A local police official’s son tried to stop the mob, but was beaten as well. His father rushed to the area and stopped the beatings. But under pressure from the mob, he had to ask Budhudas to leave the village at once. Joined by his wife and children, Budhudas fled the area for shelter.

Like many of our missionaries who suffer persecution, Budhudas is seeing souls won for Christ. Through his ministry in the area, a thriving church fellowship has been established. Fourteen committed believers meet for worship.

As you sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, please remember this precious family as they suffer for Jesus’ sake. Your prayers for Budhudas, his wife and children will mean so much to them. Here are some requests:

*Pray for God’s comfort and protection. Pray that they will find daily strength from the Lord to continue serving Him faithfully.

*Pray for Budhudas’ healing from his wounds.

*Pray for the salvation of his persecutors.

*Pray that his young congregation will remain strong in the faith despite such opposition.

*Pray that the Lord will make a way for Budhudas and his family to return to his congregation.