Last week a GFA outreach team was preaching the Gospel through film to a village crowd in Assam (northeast India) when a group of anti-Christians approached, shouting at the missionaries and demanding that they stop the movie. The team was showing the Indian-made Man of Mercy film on the life of Jesus.

During the confrontation, two men from the film audience stepped forward to help our brothers. One of the men, Dulal, was stabbed by the mob, yet others in the audience bravely joined to help the missionaries escape to safety, and that night they showed the film in the home of their non-Christian rescuers.

The next day, local police demanded our missionaries report to them and interrogated them, threatening to confiscate all film equipment. Authorities also warned the men not to show the film until given permission by the local official.

Hungry to learn about Jesus, the two rescuers approached the native evangelists soon after the incident. After hearing about the living God and His love for them, the men eagerly received Jesus as Savior. They are ready to publicly testify to their new faith.

Give thanks to God for His powerful hand at work as two precious souls have passed from darkness into His wonderful light. Pray for His continued protection upon the missionary team and these newborn Christians—and for healing for new believer Dulal. Lift to the Lord in prayer the 884 GFA missionaries reaching others with His love in spiritually dark Assam.