It started out with one person handing Parshotam Masih a single Gospel tract. As he received more of the tracts, his interest began to spark. He collected a number of them and read each one carefully. Moved by what he read, he secretly accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

But Parshotam comes from an unreached village in Rajasthan, and his family was deep in their traditional religion. One day, his father caught him reading the Gospel literature and warned him to stop, but Parshotam’s desire was too strong. Angered by his son, the father took all the Gospel tracts and burned them in front of Parshotam.

While he did not have his Gospel tracts to read, Parshotam soon came across radio programs that shared the Word of God. As he listened to many different Christian radio programs, his desire continued to grow, and he joined 24 correspondence courses to study God’s Word.

In 2000, he began to listen to the GFA Radio programs in Hindi. He enjoys listening to the programs because they are simple.

The beauty of this program,” he says, “is that people from all levels of society can understand the message.”

Because of his job, he was recently transferred to another area. After contacting Gospel for Asia again, he was overjoyed to find a local church in the area. He now worships there regularly.

Parshotam has begun to collect Gospel tracts once again and his desire to learn more about Christ stands stronger than ever!