In a country known for strict surveillance and regulation of Christianity, a previously unreached village now has a new fellowship group with 35 believers gathering to worship the Lord.

Three GFA missionaries traveled over mountains and through forests for three days to reach an isolated village in southern Bhutan. They were the first to ever bring the Gospel into that village. They shared about the true and living God and prayed for the sick and needy. When they left three days later, seven families had received salvation in Christ.

One of the missionaries was Pastor Shema, who by God’s grace has brought the Gospel to several unreached areas in Bhutan. The Lord gave him favor with the people, and he has started fellowship groups in five remote villages.

“Unlike other villages where people do not allow the missionaries even to enter because of the government’s restrictions,” our correspondent wrote, “the people of these villages love our pastor Sherma who has impacted their lives so much.”

Rana and Benita, two women GFA missionaries, traveled with Pastor Shema for the three days of ministry. Rana and Benita were arrested and imprisoned earlier this year for preaching the Gospel. After their release, they continued in their ministry undeterred.

Because of the faithful ministry of missionaries like Shema, Rana and Benita, the Lord is bringing many in Bhutan to salvation. Pray for the new believers to stand strong in their faith despite difficulties almost certain to come.

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